Stuff n Fluff Teddy Bear Kits

Since we cannot bring the workshops to you at this time and 

we would hate for your little ones to miss out on the fun of stuffing their own teddy bear, we have KITS! 

Noah’s Ark Animal Stuff N Fluff kits, where kid’s bring their beary own stuffed animal to life, in the comfort of their own home. 

A Bear for Every Budget and Season! 

Our mobile teddy bear workshop offers over 30 plush pals to choose from 

including plush lions, tigers, bears, puppies, penguins and more!

 During the stuffed animal workshop, kids hand-stuff their own plush pal, then make a wish on a rainbow star before tucking it safely inside their new friend! Because animal creation is done together, it’s the ultimate group party fun. The teddy bear workshop excitement concludes with dressing the animal, naming it with a birth certificate and taking it home.

Perfect for at home Birthdays and Boredom Fighters

Looking for a unique way to promote your organization or event? 

We have the answer! Customized Teddy Bear T-Shirts!

Our ‘Happy Birthday’ T-shirts can be personalized with your child’s name. Personalized birthday T-shirts are a great gift for the birthday child to remember their special birthday party!

You can also add a blank T-shirt to your package and create a T-shirt decorating activity that kids just love. Our blank T-shirts are an ideal way for kids to personalize their new friend with a creative activity. Use fabric crayons, or markers, fabric paints, puffy stickers and gems to embellish and decorate the T-shirts.


Contact us for information today! 

Bananas About Books Club

Our mission is to provide classroom educators a unique and free reading rewards program that will encourage children to read by rewarding the children who complete the challenge with a rewards set, which includes a $5 gift card and a FREE BOOK to celebrate! 

Party Packages are customized during the stay at home orders and will be offered at a discounted rate.