Noah's Ark Stuff n Fluff Workshops

Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop is a mobile teddy bear workshop, 

where kid’s bring their beary own stuffed animal to life. 

A Bear for Every Budget and Season! 

Our mobile teddy bear workshop offers over 25 plush pals to choose from 

including plush lions, tigers, bears, puppies, penguins and more!

 During the stuffed animal workshop, kids hand-stuff their own plush pal, then make a wish on a rainbow star before tucking it safely inside their new friend! Because animal creation is done together, it’s the ultimate group party fun. The teddy bear workshop excitement concludes with dressing the animal, naming it with a birth certificate and taking it home.

Hosting an event is fun and easy. It is the perfect onsite field trip, summer camp or birthday party activity. We specialize in children and family entertainment and can bring our workshop events anywhere. Group events are hosted at 906 Events in Escanaba, or your location 

Stuff N Fluff Workshops are ideal for:

Child Care Center and Preschool Activity

Onsite Field Trip

Scout Troop Activity

Summer Camp Activity

Campground Guest Activity

Father Daughter Day

Christmas Party and Breakfast with Santa Activity

Breakfast With the Easter Bunny

Service Projects


We also offer T-Shirt customization to promote your organization or event!

Looking for a unique way to promote your organization or event? 

We have the answer! Customized Teddy Bear T-Shirts!

We can imprint your logo or event on a teddy bear t-shirt, which will brand and promote your company!

Our ‘Happy Birthday’ T-shirts can be personalized with your child’s name. Personalized birthday T-shirts are a great gift for the birthday child to remember their special birthday party!

You can also add a blank T-shirt to your package and create a T-shirt decorating activity that kids just love. Our blank T-shirts are an ideal way for kids to personalize their new friend with a creative activity. Use fabric crayons, or markers, fabric paints, puffy stickers and gems to embellish and decorate the T-shirts.


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