Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your business in an exciting, effective and affordable way, unlike any other? 

All while supporting an amazing cause 😊!

With limited edition “property” on the new EscanabaOpoly Board Game, your business will be part of an exclusive group of property owners taking up prime real estate space. On a favorite classic board game and in the homes of your customers and their families for years to come! 

A limited # of games will be produced and will be available by pre-order, onsite and locally. 

Why should you buy a space?

1) Unlike newspaper, TV, radio, or other media, this advertising is affordable, permanent and targeted to your direct audience, the families from and of Escanaba. For example: the cost of a $200 space reaches 500 households at a cost of 40 cents / home. That’s permanent! That’s amazing!

2) Your space includes 6 months of advertising on the 906 Events Traveling Mega Movie Theater. A theater experience for your school or backyard. Covering all of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northeastern Wisconsin. ($300 value)

3) To support local teen, Jacqueline Tovar, who has completed first stage auditions & interviews and has been invited to the final round of LAUNCH where she will audition for the country’s top talent agencies in the performing arts. This fundraiser will be used for her final prep classes and registration fees. 

Call (906) 241-9869   or click HERE for an information packet

*Deadline is May 1, 2018*

Game Board Spaces

Corner Spaces (4)

Start, In Court, Loading Zone & 

Go to Court

Transportation Spaces (2)

Public Works (2)

Brea Card (1)

Includes space in center of 

board & all 16 backs of cards.

Fate Card (1)

Includes space in center of 

board & all 16 backs of cards.

Draw a Fate Card spaces (3)

Draw a Yellow Card (3)

Penalty (2)

Property (22)


Custom Money

Perfect for Bank or Credit Union

Back Side of ALL Deed Cards

This is a brief item description.

Sponsor Listings

Your business listed in the 

center of the game board.

Yellow Cards

Your business listed in the 

center of the game board.

Deed Cards

The Business Name from the 

board spaces.

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